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Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market

Got Tomatoes?

It’s Tuesday! And that means it’s Farmers’ Market Day on Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant. Each Tuesday local farmers and bakers sell fresh local fruit and vegetables, flowers, herbs, eggs, meat, dairy products, fresh bread, sweets, and other baked goods in the pavilion next to the Moultrie Middle School, literally a hop, skip and a jump from the new Boulevard Apartments.

Each week I look forward to shopping for my Johns Island tomatoes (nothing beats a simple, home-grown tomato sandwich in my book) and a few ears of sweet Indian White Corn on the Cob. Of course, no visit to the Farmers’ Market would be complete without a sampling of Natural Food Co-op’s pickled okra or some Newton Farms Lowcountry Sauce…then of course, there are those crazy-good Charleston Crepes! Each week also features entertainment by a local musician – it’s all-around good fun for the entire family AND the best thing about it is the incredibly good feeling you get when you know you’re supporting your local community! The Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market is producer-only. That means two things. First, everything you see is raised, grown, produced, made, or baked by the person selling it. Second, the food is local and regional.

So head on over this Tuesday (or every Tuesday through November 17th) and check it out – and while you’re there, take a peek down the street at the new Boulevard Apartments!


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